[JDEV] anonymous users/resources

Ian Chia ian at hyperphonic.com
Thu Jul 5 17:04:11 CDT 2001

Hi David,

Nice to see someone else from Flashcoders here.
This was posted April 5 for the upcoming 1.4.2 release:

> The next major thing to land in CVS for 1.4.2 will be a new
> expat parser, and a rewritten xmlnode backend.  The new
> backend does on-the-fly parsing and greatly improved memory
> management. An often asked-for feature is anonymous logins,
> which will be included in 1.4.2, allowing more flexible
> client access suited for environments where users are
> transient (web site visitors, customer service apps,
> notification scripts, etc). Also slated for 1.4.2 is the
> inclusion of the contributions (ldap, sql, etc), so if you
> have any additional features/patches or want to get involved
> in server development, ask and we can get you set up with
> cvs access.


- Ian

david beard wrote:
> how is an anonymous log-on established , is this simply a standard iq:auth query
> without a username and password ?
> >From what I understand the server will assign a temporary id based on the users
> ip or a nick they provide (?).
> does jabber.org support anonymous users ?

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