[JDEV] Identity/Authorization Project for Jabber

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jul 5 21:06:32 CDT 2001

Hello, Adam Theo here;

For the past month and a half, myself and two others (Eric Murphy and 
Mike Hearn, also from the Jabber community) have been quietly working on 
an open source Identity and Authorization system. Up until now we have 
just been working on it over Jabber and a mailing list I had set up for 
it. We have not been publicizing our effort because we know many 
previous attempts by others have been hyped and failed horribly. So we 
decided we would not speak out until we had some solid ideas and other 
pieces to actually show for it. That time has just about come, we have 
decided, and at a perfect time, we think.

We have seen a surge of interest and need for an Identity system that is 
free and open. We are now inviting people to join in and share their 
ideas with us. Do not think we have set our notions of how the system 
will work. What we do have is a few good ideas that we think can work, 
and would like to throw them out there to the wind, so to speak, and see 
what everyone thinks. Also, feel free to post your own ideas. they can 
form new ideas that we can all work off of.

We think it is very possible for Jabber to be involved at least to 
*some* degree in this project, althouth there *are* differences on 
opinion about how integral Jabber should be. This is where everyone 
outside comes in. Please join in, and share your ideas. I am a firm 
believer in the more minds at work, the better the solution.

I encourage everyone interested in a Identity and Authorization system 
for Jabber or in general to sign up for the Identity project mailing 
list at Theoretic Solutions. We do not have any ideas or concepts set in 
stone, so everything is still open to discussion. Even if you just post 
to say 'yes, i like this idea', that can help tremendously. No 
programming or system experience needed, just a good head on top of your 
shoulders  :-)

subscribe:   identity-subscribe at theoretic.com
from field must be of address you want to subscribe under. that is all!

when you have replied to the confirmation email, i encourage you to send 
at least a short post to: identity at theoretic.com (the posting address) 
to say hello and a bit about you.

if you have any questions before subscribing, i'm more than happy to 
answer them. but please, email me privately, no need to clutter this 
list with our talks  :-)

email: theo at theoretic.com
jabber: adamtheo at theoretic.com
icq: 3617306
aim: AdamTheo2000

thank you very much for any interest you show, even if it is just the 
occasional 'yes, i like this' post  :)

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