[JDEV] Identity/Authorization Project for Jabber

Dave Smith dave at jabber.org
Fri Jul 6 01:26:04 CDT 2001

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 10:06:32PM -0400, Adam Theo wrote:
> will work. What we do have is a few good ideas that we think can work, 
> and would like to throw them out there to the wind, so to speak, and see 
> what everyone thinks. Also, feel free to post your own ideas. they can 
> form new ideas that we can all work off of.

It would be super cool if you could post your initial ideas in some sort of
vision document or so...I think the idea of an Identity system is a little
vague to most people. A definition of what you're shooting for would be a
great kickstarter.

> I encourage everyone interested in a Identity and Authorization system 
> for Jabber or in general to sign up for the Identity project mailing 
> list at Theoretic Solutions. We do not have any ideas or concepts set in 
> stone, so everything is still open to discussion. Even if you just post 

So is there a mailing list archive for this list?


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