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> At 07:49 PM 7/5/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >All,
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> >I've just uploaded a set of documentation to
> >http://www.alsutton.com/jabserv/docs/
> [snip]
> >Please peruse and fire comments at me.
> :)  First comment right off the top.  Cool.  You're really jumping on
> this.  Second, Naming Conventions.  Are you sure you want random people to
> be working under your own namespace...

I'm hoping that people will only put thier handler code under my namespace
(in the appropriate place), and then call code from other name spaces.

> "When writing a class to act as an IQ handler your class must be called
> com.alsutton.jabberserver.iq.xxxx_handler where xxxx is the name..."
> This seems to be an open invitation for name clashes, and abuse of your
> namespace.  I think you should consider changing it to have people use
> their own namespace or at least provide some method for people to avoid
> naming problems.  It is a minor point but I think could lead to other
> future problems...  Of course, I'm thinking of this in terms of "plug-in"
> writing that is developed separately from, and simply added to the
> classpath at deploy time.  If this is for handlers that will/must be
> integrated into the jabserv codebase, you can ignore me.  :)

I can see where you're comming from, but what I aim to do is produce a base
jar file which contains some documented classes, and then allow people to
add to this. If they add something which overlaps with a class in the base
then they (hopefully) will have the knowlege of how to unjar the archive and
make the mod..

> -iain
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