[JDEV] Building JabberCOM - No HyperStr

Mark Lynch Mark at surfcast.com
Mon Jul 9 09:10:36 CDT 2001


I realise this topic has been discussed before but I think circumstances
have changed since then. I downloaded the source to JabberCOM and have tried
to build it. My first problem was the missing HyperStr so I searched around
a bit and found a post which told me where to find it.


So I went and downloaded the version 5 hyperstr and done what it said - only
there's no hyperStr.Pas included and it would also seem that there's a
charge to use it now aswell. Would it be possible to just supply a
library/header of the xml module as I only really want to debug JabberCOM.
Or is there some other place where we can get HyperStr?

Also how does this affect those of using JabberCOM in commercial products
when it makes use of a library that needs a license for commercial use?


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