[JDEV] Jabber server in Java

Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 14:02:08 CDT 2001

>I would completely agree.  I'd like a name that is evocative of the server
>purpose, does not start with or prominently feature a 'J' and does not
>contain jab or ber in it.
>>How about "Mercury"?  Now there was an Instant Messenger. :)
>Sounds good to me.

Sure. Like I said, I was just throwing those out. One of the reasons I came 
up with all those names tied to Java and Jabber was cos I thought we could 
maybe use the popularity of both Jabber and Java. I guess that is not 
entirely necessary if we have a kick-ass server ourselves :-)

>Sorry to be even more of a web blanket, but is it bit premature to worry
>about names.  Shouldn't we build something first?  I would think that the
>primary developers should have the dubious pleasure of naming their
>creation and we won't know who they are until the project starts rolling...

So, when do we begin the real work? I think someone brought this up already, 
but I am also thinking it may be a good idea to get together with the 
jabelin folks to see if we can gain some insights early on. I guess we may 
also want to decide what we want to build -- another implementation of the 
jabber server in Java or an implementation of JAM which offers IM as one of 
its services or both? If we decide to do JAM, then we may also want to come 
up with a couple of other services apart from IM, so we can show the 
plug-n-play capabilities of a JAM framework.

>ps - It would also be nice if the name was decided along with a mascot.  :)
Sounds good. Got anything particular in mind?


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