[JDEV] <x> xml in jabberbeans

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Wed Jul 11 09:26:49 CDT 2001

Benjamin H Szekely wrote:

>When I get the content from my message extension in jabberbeans, the XML is
>no longer well-formed since all &quot; have been turned back to \'  , all
>&amp; have been turned to & etc...This is a problem because I would like to
>do some parsing of that xml myself using xerces.  Is there a built-in way
>to do parsing of the x-elements?  Can I add a content handler to the sax
>parser which parses directly off the input stream?  I'm using the latest
>release of jabberbeans, 9.4 pre or something.
>  Thanks
>  Ben Szekely
>jdev mailing list
>jdev at jabber.org

Ugh, this is bug. The DefaultExtension is not leaving entity characters 
(&amp; and the like), the parser is translating them. Care to file it?

-David Waite

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