[JDEV] Privacy in conferencing -- does it work?

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Thu Jul 12 18:57:30 CDT 2001

On Thursday, July 12, 2001, at 04:07 PM, Ben Zel wrote:

> When implementing conferencing I've noticed that <privacy/> does not 
> seem to work.  I send it in the IQ after the initial presence is sent 
> to the conference:

If you create the conference by sending presence to it, you get the 
old-style groupchat protocol, which I believe doesn't support privacy. 
To get privacy you need to create the room the new way. The conferencing 
draft document describes all this.


(Look under "creating a new room".)

Watch out though, the current draft of this document describes all kinds 
of new features that I don't think have even been implemented yet! As 
far as I know there's no current document that describes just what 
exists today in 1.4.x.

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