[JDEV] GAIM, EveryBuddy, etc...

Derek Petersen derek1 at iclinux.com
Mon Jul 16 00:24:32 CDT 2001


This is my first time posting. I was thinking about GAIM, and EverBuddy
and any other instant messenger that supports Jabber /and/ other
protocols. For example, if you configured Jabber to connect you through
all the transports and then log into Jabber using GAIM, it will try to
connect you to Jabber, and all the transports through Jabber, and GAIM
itself will try to connect you to the other services like AIM, and ICQ.
Same thing happens with EverBuddy, and every other instant messenger
like that.

I think there should be a way for the client to send some sort of string
to be able to tell the server to only log in to Jabber and not to any of
the transports. Then GAIM, for example, could log you in to Jabber and
manually connect to the other services, without conflict. This is usfull
for people who might be force to use the Jabber.com client for Windows
at work, but might like GAIM better for home use. GAIM also is able to
connect to AIM better while using the latest CVS.

Just a thought.


Derek Petersen,

*Evolution doesn't have a spell check that I could find anyways, so
please ignore all the spelling errors I probably made lol

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