[JDEV] registering an AIM account

Lise Meyer lise.meyer at antepo.com
Mon Jul 16 07:03:04 CDT 2001


I have tried to register an AIM gateway with a wrong username and password,
and I experienced the following problem : the client kept trying to connect
and could not manage to, of course. The point is that it disconnects the
client not only from the gateway that has been added, but also from the
server ! And, at that point, it is not possible to do anything else...
Do you know if the gateway sends in this case a particular message and if it
is possible to use the message to stop trying to connect and, instead of
that, send a message to the user to tell him that he must have made a
mistake in trying to add a new gateway, so that he can check the username
and password he entered ?

Any help would be appreciated


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