[JDEV] Jabber / 2-way-pager gateway? SMTP gateway?

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Jul 13 15:06:48 CDT 2001

    As a note, there is a company out there that provides at least sending
of messages for a low fee, free in low use cases, that I threw a transport
for a while ago..    Check out SimpleWire at http://www.simplewire.com.
They are also supported via the Net::Pager perl modules on CPAN..  I could
post these in the contrib directory if anyones interested..
http://www.simplewire.com/text/coverage.html provides a good idea of the
coverage area as far as providers are concerned.  Technically, two way
capability CAN be provided, but may require work as two way is supported via
their 'ardvark' applet, which to my knowledge they provide no API level
functionality for it.

From: Al Sutton
Subject: Re: [JDEV] Jabber / 2-way-pager gateway? SMTP gateway?
For pagers and phones presence isn't an issue, if you fire the messages at
their network their infrastructure will hold it until their system is on
I've been talking to an SMS gateway provider and considering the idea. The
main problem is the cost per message.

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