[JDEV] DotGNU using Jabber

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Mon Jul 16 23:52:13 CDT 2001

hello, all. me again.

anyone heard of DotGNU? it is FreeDevelopers.com project that was
started a little while ago to counter Microsoft's .NET, HailStorm, and
Passport. a very ambitious plan, but recently it has gained some big
backers. Stallman, the FSF, and the GNU Project have announced their
full support and endorsing of the project, and RMS has said that he
planms to make DotGNU a full GNU project soon.


DotGNU plans to do everything originally, meaning not simply copying
MS's framework. they want to do what .NET "should be". i know, the name
is not very original. i don't particularly like it, but hey, that's
nothing new *--cough-- 'jabber' --cough--*

for the past few days i have been advocating jabber to the developers
list (which is quite active), and making some really good headway. so
far no one has put up any objections to investigating it, and a few have
been really gung-ho about it.

but, that was just the easy part. now comes the difficult.

if anyone here wants to help me, sign up to the DotGNU developers list,
and do a little bit of idea spouting. listen in to the problems they are
discussing, and pop in with how jabber can solve them. *please?*

also, inform me of how jabber can help thm, or really neat things jabber
has potential for when it comes to web services and distributed
computing. fel free to tell me about SOAP, XML-RPC, a2a communication,
b2b, b2c, *p2p*! tell me about scaleability and stability. flexability
and security.

if you can help me out here, even just a little, it could mean getting a
major project that will soon be in every OSS developer's eyes to use
jabber. hopefully by building direcly off of jabber and using it to it's
full potential.

i understand jabber needs a lot of work, but it has the *potential* in
it's framework and protocol. that's the key thing. if i can convince
them to use it, and we can show them it's viable, then we will have
plenty of developers to put in the man hours to fill in the gaps with

so please, give me some ammunition!

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