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Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Jul 17 22:41:43 CDT 2001

If my mailbag wasn't already as huge as it is per day I would sign up, but I 
would love to support this in any way possible.  If you have questions, or 
they do, please point them my way.


On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 12:52:13AM -0400, Adam Theo wrote:
> hello, all. me again.
> anyone heard of DotGNU? it is FreeDevelopers.com project that was
> started a little while ago to counter Microsoft's .NET, HailStorm, and
> Passport. a very ambitious plan, but recently it has gained some big
> backers. Stallman, the FSF, and the GNU Project have announced their
> full support and endorsing of the project, and RMS has said that he
> planms to make DotGNU a full GNU project soon.
> http://www.dotgnu.org
> http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=01/07/09/238201&mode=thread
> DotGNU plans to do everything originally, meaning not simply copying
> MS's framework. they want to do what .NET "should be". i know, the name
> is not very original. i don't particularly like it, but hey, that's
> nothing new *--cough-- 'jabber' --cough--*
> for the past few days i have been advocating jabber to the developers
> list (which is quite active), and making some really good headway. so
> far no one has put up any objections to investigating it, and a few have
> been really gung-ho about it.
> but, that was just the easy part. now comes the difficult.
> if anyone here wants to help me, sign up to the DotGNU developers list,
> and do a little bit of idea spouting. listen in to the problems they are
> discussing, and pop in with how jabber can solve them. *please?*
> also, inform me of how jabber can help thm, or really neat things jabber
> has potential for when it comes to web services and distributed
> computing. fel free to tell me about SOAP, XML-RPC, a2a communication,
> b2b, b2c, *p2p*! tell me about scaleability and stability. flexability
> and security.
> if you can help me out here, even just a little, it could mean getting a
> major project that will soon be in every OSS developer's eyes to use
> jabber. hopefully by building direcly off of jabber and using it to it's
> full potential.
> i understand jabber needs a lot of work, but it has the *potential* in
> it's framework and protocol. that's the key thing. if i can convince
> them to use it, and we can show them it's viable, then we will have
> plenty of developers to put in the man hours to fill in the gaps with
> jabber.
> so please, give me some ammunition!
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