Mark Lynch Mark at surfcast.com
Thu Jul 19 04:45:09 CDT 2001


I'm using JabberCOM and the MS Soap Toolkit in my client and I'm having
awful trouble making them go away. Either one on it's own will release and
exit properly but the two of them together cause the program to hang on
exit. The problem only occurs when the soap init function has been called.
This init function subsequently loads a vast array of other modules such as
the MSXML etc... So the problem must lie with one of these modules? 

I've debugged into JabberCOM and it runs through it's destructor fine but
somewhere in the system code is hangs.

The problem only occurs on Win2k - it's fine on WindowsME (so I'm guessing
also on 98). 

Just in the vain hope that someone else has had this problem or knows
anything as this is really starting to annoy everyone. 


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