[JDEV] re: dropped messages

Dustin Puryear dpuryear at usa.net
Wed Jul 25 15:57:27 CDT 2001

re: jabberd seems to be dropping messages under a high load

I had another developer at Vedalabs review my Jabber Test Suite code to
ensure that I was properly handling the XML in msgloadrec. We seem
pretty confident that I am not losing messages on my end, which
indicates that either Linux or jabberd is dropping entire messages going
from the sender to the receiver on the Jabber server when the machine is
under a high load.

As I mentioned in my first post I had expected message delivery time to
increase rather than a flat-out dropping of messages. Is this or is this
not known, correct behavior? Can I get a confirmation from someone on
the Jabber.org or Jabber.com team? 

As of right now we get a rate of 100 msg/sec through jabberd on a
Pentium III 600 before the loss rate becomes unacceptable (greater than
2%). Is this outcome similar to anyone elses situation? Has anyone else
tested how jabberd or jabberd/Linux behave under high loads? What is the
expected behavior? 

If you are building clients to use Jabber for routing messages how are
you handling this? Do your sending Jabber clients require ACKs from your
receiving Jabber clients? (Well, obviously this isn't a serious
situation for chat clients, but it probably is for most other types.)

Jabber.com, we have numbers from you regarding limits on concurrent
users, but what about message throughput rates? Can we get some
information? This is arguably as important as concurrent user limits.

Regards, Dustin

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