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Tue Jul 31 22:45:09 CDT 2001

OSCON Report

The following was posted by stpeter at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

As mentioned in the preview, this year's O'Reilly Open Source
Convention (OSCON for short) included five talks on Jabber, as well as
a Birds of a Feather session. That's a big increase over last year
(zero talks, one BOF), and makes me wonder if next year we might be
able to convince our friends at O'Reilly to include a whole Jabber
track. I suppose we'll have to see what cool stuff people develop with
Jabber over the next six months or so to determine whether a Jabber
track is feasible.

In general the Jabber talks were well-attended, and I was happy to see
different people showing up for each talk (not just the same old
Jabber groupies :). Unfortunately I was unable to attend Eric Muphy's
talk on Jabberzilla, though word has it that went well, too. The talks
by Michael Bauer (filling in for Webb Interactive CEO Perry Evans) and
your trusty correspondent (filling in for Michael on Friday) were more
general in nature, giving people an overview of the project.
I especially enjoyed the sessions run by independents DJ Adams and
Piers Harding (mainly on XML-RPC and SOAP over Jabber) and by Carlos
de la Guardia of Mexico's Aldea Systems, since they gave attendees a
good sense of practical applications that can be developed
with Jabber. It strikes me that we need a "case studies" page on the
jabber.org website to highlight projects like this.

Since I was working the Jabber Inc. booth most of the time, I also got
a good sense of what people are thinking about Jabber and how they are
using it in their own projects. The top three questions were: (1)
What's this Jabber stuff I keep hearing about? (2) How the heck does
Jabber Inc. plan to make money? (3) This IM stuff is cool, so what are
you going to do next? I'm not sure that we have firm answers to the
last question, but I
had fun telling folks about some of the cool things that are cooking
in the Jabber community.

All in all it was a productive convention from the Jabber perspective.
Now it's on to JabberCon!


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