[JDEV] Re: Server Independent Accounts (Michael Brown)

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sun Jun 3 05:58:52 CDT 2001

At 20:33 Uhr +0100 02.06.2001, Michael Hearn wrote:
>Hi Michael,
>Well, I don't know if it was considered in the early days of Jabber, but I
>have to disagree with you for several reasons:
>- Having a username at hostname address format is actually one of the few good
>ways we know of to have a unique identity. That's why Microsoft Passports
>are identified by email addresses: they are guaranteed to be unique, without


>- It's a good way of avoiding centralisation, as any computer can be a
>server without registering itself with any authority other than the DNS


>- Yeah, I agree that being tied to one particular server is bad when you
>want to move, but it's better than the alternative. Just imagine every email
>user in the world competing in a single namespace. The Hotmail problem of
>being called mikehearn30503 would be multiplied to the nth degree!

Right ;)

I never had any problems with "moving ISPs" etc. I have my own domain 
name (could cost me less than $1 per month, but I also have some 
value-added stuff, so I pay more), so I never worry about changing 
ISPs - I can just change the redirect. Heck, in real life, when I 
move, I must inform people about this, too. And I can tell the post 
office to redirect letters to me, and even automatically tell senders 
that I moved (if I want that - I usually prefer choosing myself whom 
I inform ;)

>However, I agree with you that we need better ways of allowing people to
>move between servers. So, here are some ideas:
>- A redirect protocol which allows a server to automatically redirect
>packets destined for one account to another transparently, possibly with
>some kind of return warning that the account name has changed and that a
>redirect has taken place. This should preferably be independant of the
>server (ie can be set by a client) to stop an ISP holding you to ransom with
>your Jabber identity.

This is already possible using iq:filter, I think (or at least used 
to be possible ;)

>- A way of downloading to a local file, then reuploading your roster
>(INCLUDING private namespaces), so you can transfer all information that is
>owned by you between servers.

Again something for clients.... in fact, I was asked several times to 
allow users to "backup" a roster and restore it. This would include 
changes like "aim.jabber.org" -> "aim.jabber.com".

Also think of JabberTools which allows you to import AIM/ICQ/etc. 
data files - how about adding the functionality to im/export jabber 
roster files (and iq:private storage, ok)

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