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Emswiler, Mike MEmswiler at protrader.com
Thu Jun 7 14:55:56 CDT 2001

I would suggest that Jabber take one of two approaches:

1. (the easiest) "adopt" an official language.  This should be an existing,
open-source, and preferably widely used language such as Python (my vote) or
Perl (if we want to scare people away Jabber :)
2. define a client scripting host interface.  This is a bit more complex,
but far more flexible.  A binary specification for the host interface should
be developed, allowing anyone to write a scripting engine "plug-in" thereby
allowing any scripting language to be used.  A particular client (such as
WinJab) could be used as a reference implementation for the client scripting
host interface.

Client-scripting can really be used by the client all over the place, but I
think the one feature most everyone wants is the ability to add custom
message handlers for automated or gui processing to easily extend *any*
client and to allow people to focus on the business logic of their needs
(client extensions) without worrying about the client itself (Inboxes,
History, notifications, blah blah) or which client the user wishes (WinJab,
Gabber, etc.)

PGMillard had some good ideas on this front ... Peter ... was there ever a
JIG or something formed or proposed for this yet?


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> Has there ever been any discussion of a client side scripting
> language for
> Jabber?  I'm thinking of something along the lines of mIRC's scripting
> language for the IRC protocol.

That was the source of my original interest in the
Tcl client (zABBER).  My goal was to have a client
that had a scripting language interpreter so you
could write scripts to do special handling of events.
But, alas, it's not that advanced.

To answer your question, I don't think there's been
serious discussion in the past year about a single
"official" Jabber client scripting language.  It
would probably be impossible to get everyone to
agree what that language should be.

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