[JDEV] Admin Rights

stpeter stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jun 8 18:04:11 CDT 2001

The only users with admin rights are the ones defined in your jabber.xml
file (in the <admin/> section). E.g., here is that section of my file from
my jabber.to config file:

<read>stpeter at jabber.to</read>
<write>stpeter at jabber.to</write>
<subject>Auto Reply</subject>
<body>This is a special administrative address.  Your message was received
and forwarded to server administrators.</body>

So I (stpeter at jabber.to) am the only one with admin rights. Specifically,
only those listed in the <write/> element (you can have more than one of
these) will be able (normally) to send server announcements.


On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Todd Miller wrote:

> Is there a way to determine if a user has admin rights on the server.  I
> have written a utility to send server announcements and I want to disallow a
> user from logging in to the utility if they do not have admin rights.  The
> utility connects using the JabberCOM.DLL.
> Thanks in advance,
> Todd
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