[JDEV] Jabber Council

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Mon Jun 11 11:52:26 CDT 2001

This went out last week to the Jabber Foundation Members' list.  Apparently,
some of the Members don't subscribe the Members list (harumph). So, I wanted
to send this out here to make sure everyone knows that we're taking last
call for Members to run for election to the Jabber Council.  Here's a
description of how the Foundation and the Council will work together.

The Jabber Foundation shall function in one capacity essentially as a
"standards organization".  Basically, the Board of Directors shall establish
a set of standards guidelines, similar to those established for ANSI or
IETF.  These guidelines will be  used by the Jabber Council, a "committee"
within the Jabber Foundation charged with establishing the technical
direction for Jabber technologies, protocols, and standards.  Membership on
the Jabber Council will be one of rewarding commitment.

This is a call for candidates for membership on the Jabber Council.
Candidates will be voted in by the entire membership of the Jabber
Foundation.  If you're interested in being a member of the Jabber Council,
please send email to bauer at jabber.com so you're name may be placed on a
ballot.  Thanks.

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