[JDEV] password from client

Tony Byers nigelmas at zdnetonebox.com
Thu Jun 14 08:25:36 CDT 2001

I'm using plaing auth with ssl.  Is it available with that?

---- "Thomas Charron" <tcharron at ductape.net> wrote:
>     If using digest auth, you can't get it..
> From: "Tony Byers" <nigelmas at zdnetonebox.com>
> Subject: [JDEV] password from client
> > I've made some progress since my last post about auto registering.
>  My
> > main obstacle at the moment is getting the password from the client
> in
> > js_authreg in authreg.c.  xmlnode_get_tag_data(m->packet->iq, "password")
> > doesn't seem to work.  
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