Powell, Jim (EER) PowellJF at navair.navy.mil
Thu Jun 14 14:48:32 CDT 2001

The GSETSS set of Win32 Jabber Server Development servers (which includes
the http site, the ftp site, the internal mail list, and the shared folders)
will be down for approximately 24 hrs during a move.  My landlord decided
not to pay his mortgage, so I am in the process of moving to a new office,
which actually works better for the local employees.  The site should be
back up no later than 1700 PT Friday June 15, and probably sooner.

For those of you that are unaware of the development status, we currently
have a Jabber Server which runs under Cygwin, for which the transports are
being ported.  I personally am working on a MingW port which will run
"native" (meaning no extra shell required) under win32 (I am using Dev-C++,
an opensource IDE for the MingW compiler).  Once that is running the win32
team will begin looking at a true native port of the Jabber Server which
will compile and run using Win32 specific compilers (C++ Builder, Visual
C++, etc).

Jim Powell
powell at gsetss.dnsalias.org
powelljf3 at yahoo.com
Gemstar Software & Engineering Technical Support Services

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