[JDEV] UTF8 problem in jabbercom

Alan.tan Alan.Tan at china.com
Tue Jun 19 09:27:23 CDT 2001

I'm develping a jabber client with jabbercom. Everything went well till I download the latest jabbercom source code from CVS  several days ago. All the double-byte characters( Simplified Chinese) are changed unrecognizable. After looking into the source code, I found  the UTF8 encoding/decoding function rewriten. The original FUNCTION is StrToUTF8, and now that's  WideStringToUTF8 .The problem is that their encoded string are not same:(
I'm developing a oracle XDB module to connect to my company's database also. Because the information stored in database are not UTF8 encoded, I've transferd UTF8 encoding/decoding function into C in my program, so it can't work correctly now. 
Could anyone give me some suggestion about this? It's obvious that the old and new version can't be both correct...
Thanks in advance!



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