[JDEV] filtering and delaying messages

Thomas Parslow (PatRat) patrat at rat-software.com
Fri Jun 22 05:45:32 CDT 2001

> I'm writing a Jabber client and I have a little question...
> Is there a way to be online, to be notify about new incoming "message" entities but to delay their reception (they are kept by the server) ?

> For instance, lets suppose I am chating with somebody and I don't want any other message to disturb our conversation. So I would send a kind of filter to the server to delay these messages (except
> those from who I am talking with) until I get unbusy and cancel this filter. Does that make sense?

> Thanks.

This seems to be the sort of thing that would be best done at the
client level, the client would receive the messages but not present
them to the user until the users state changes.

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