[JDEV] Passwords

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Mon Jun 25 12:21:41 CDT 2001

I am not familiar with the "internals" of the server, but I know that most
clients now send an original iq-get on the jabber:iq:auth namespace with the
proper username. The purpose is for the client to figure out what types of
authentication are available for this user. This may be the "twice through"
stuff you are seeing.


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Subject: [JDEV] Passwords

> Hello,
> Could anyone tell me why the server needs to pass through authreg.c twice
> for a sign on?  And why does it have the username but not the password
> on the first pass?  Lastly, is there any way to get the password on the
> first pass?  I would like to see if the user comes up as null, then do
> an automatic register (assuming they pass a kerberos check).  If anyone
> knows of a better way to do this, I would really appreciate any advice.
> Tony
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