[JDEV] Fighting Jabber Spam

johnston at megaepic.com johnston at megaepic.com
Tue Jun 26 14:52:16 CDT 2001

Well, someone correct me if I'm wrong... but for someone to receive your presence, you have to permit them to subscribe to your presence. Can't we tell the server not to accept certain message types (as in not presence subscription requests :) that come from users that don't have subscription authorization?


On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 01:39:51AM -0400, Adam Theo wrote:
> Hello, Adam Theo here;
> i just saw an episode of TechTV's CyberCrime, about cell phone text
> messaging spam, and want to see what i can do to make sure the same
> doesn't happen to jabber. i despise spam, hate it, want it to manifest
> into something physical so i can mangle it, rip it, crush it... to... to...
> *deep breaths* ok, calmed. i get very wound up with spam. if i could do
> just one thing for the world, it would be to make sure spam does not
> expand onto the jabber system... i'd die a very happy man, then.
> so, what ideas are there already about fighting/preventing spam on
> jabber? technical ones? legal ones? other ones? anything.
> i've already stretched myself too thin. i am running a website by
> myself, that has about 10 projects going on at it (mostly
> programming-related, so that takes up alot of time), so i don't know how
> i could help this spam fight, BUT...
> i'd certainly try :)
> also, if anyone knows Perl, and has some spare time on their hands,
> especially if they might get a little bit of money for it, i'd be much
> obliged for any help you could give me on any of my projects. some of
> them are at www.theoretic.com (the rest are 'private' or 'beta' mode.).
> contact me if you are interested even mildly. i am flexible.

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