[JDEV] Jabber DevZone News - New Windows Tools for Jabber

Jabber DevZone webmaster at jabber.org
Mon Oct 1 12:59:25 CDT 2001

New Windows Tools for Jabber

The following was posted by stpeter at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

Tipic has released their Active Tipic Engine
(http://www.tipic.com/dev-tools/ATE/ATE.html), a COM-based development
kit and API for creating Jabber components on Windows 2000. They've
also included a Developer's Guide
(http://www.tipic.com/node.php?id=44) to help you get started with
this toolkit. Looks like an intriguing technology that will make it
easy for Windows developers to get started with Jabber.


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