[JDEV] Can Transports discover client addresses?

Mark Hahn mhahn at gte.com
Tue Oct 2 08:20:24 CDT 2001

I have been building a transport as a standalone server that accepts 
a connection from Jabber. The transport would like to know the IP 
addresses of the IM clients that are connecting with Jabber, 
registering for and using the services of the transport. Is there any 
existing protocol (<iq> perhaps?) that the transport could issue to 
Jabber asking it for the IP address that a specific jabber ID is 
currently connected from?  The transport itself could care less about 
the IM client's IP address but the system that it is serving as a 
proxy for would like to be able to do things that require knowledge 
of the IM client's location (things like establishing IP telephony 
connections and so on).   Thanks for any pointers.

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