[JDEV] Jabberd config file & namespaces

Franck Mangin FMangin at facetime.com
Tue Oct 2 12:02:01 CDT 2001

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> The spec doesn't say anything about not containing ':'..if you look at
> the example namespace name (http://ecommerce.org/schema), you'll see
> that it has a ':' as a character in the namespace name.

  You're right, I mixed up namespace names and namespace prefixes.
jabber:config:jsm is a namespace name and can contain ':' - so my
problem is that I don't know how to match a node that is in the default
namespace in an XPath query. I worked around that by using
*[local-name()='jsm'] which is good enough for me.

  I think though that there the "jabberd" namespace prefix in the
jabber.xml from the distribution should be declared. I just added the
declaration (<jabber xmlns:jabberd="http://jabber.org">) and everything
works fine now.


Franck Mangin
FaceTime Communications

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