[JDEV] Re: [forms-jig] forms

Tom Jackson tom at zmbh.com
Tue Oct 2 15:06:10 CDT 2001

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> OK, cool. I agree that XForms looks heavy but there were some features
> that I liked (separation between content and presentation being foremost
> in my mind).
> Send me the newer JEP or just updated it in CVS so I can post the revised
> version. :)

Where is the JEP, I would like to look at it too.


Thanks for your article in August _Linux Magazine_. Try out my
registration 'bot'
at weblog at pathfinderschool.com/ws (under :i index, :a acs, :r register)
I am using the message thread to activate various scripts. It works, but
a generic forms
interface would be great. 

--Tom Jackson

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