[JDEV] libjabber

Tom Jackson tom at zmbh.com
Fri Oct 5 11:38:37 CDT 2001

Henrik Härkönen wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Could someone help me where to find decent documentation about libjabber
> or some code examples to get me on the way to develop killer apps for jabber.:)
> Just so annoying to try to figure out that <jabber/jabber.h>...

I wrote a very simple client based on libjabber (jabtel). It shows the
basics of getting the packet into the process, the rest is just
application programming. It also has several impovements on libjabber
(jab_poll & jab_recv), in that the select loop includes the stdin, and
the client understands when the server dies or the user wants to quit

You can find it at:


--Tom Jackson

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