[JDEV] Re: Winjab compilation help

Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Fri Oct 5 23:20:08 CDT 2001

"Jenny Yuen" <yuen_jenny at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I have been editing/compiling winjab, but have noticed that when I have
>winjab installed delphi runs the program perfectly, but when winjab isn't
>installed messages about an error in application appear. It's not just on
>the code I edited but also in the original code which has never beeen
>modified. I want to make the installer for this edited version of winjab,
>but can't make it run in any computer that does not have winjab installed.
>Can anyone please tell me how to make it work?
Look through the archives for this list I believe that WinJab installs a library of some sort 
that you are probably not including as part of your install. This library is being called by 
both your code and the WinJab code, but is not intuitively obvious as a specific problem. 
I do not recall the solution, just that this question has come up before.

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