[JDEV] What is wrong ? jabber:iq:search

Dave Waite mass at akuma.org
Mon Oct 8 18:17:23 CDT 2001

This works when I try it. I assume you are authenticated when you try?

The only thing I can think of offhand is that the s2s connection between 
your server and jabber.org is broken, or that users.jabber.org went 
offline for a bit.

-David Waite

Christian Møller wrote:

>I have desperatly been trying to get the jabber:iq:search namespace to
>work, but it seems to fail both on my local server AND at jabber.org
>The packet I send is the following:
><iq to="users.jabber.org" id="11" type="set"><query
>....but I get nothing back ! Does anyone know why ?
>Is there something I need to initialise first to get the server to reply ?
>On my local jabber server (in debug mode) the reply gets passed to the
>write_dump, but I never actually recieve the reply.
>Very confused and tired of mocking about.

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