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Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Mon Oct 8 20:14:04 CDT 2001

Julian Missig wrote:
> Would someone mind telling me what the heck is up/down with jabber.org?
> When it is up, the s2s is HORRIBLE, and other times I just get
> connection refused or just get repeatedly disconnected.

yes, i agree. it is quite a roller coaster ride to be on, but then
jabber.org is not expected to be a stable, reliable server. it states
this everywhere. that's why i first set up my own server, and then
eventually made it public. jabber.org will continue to be a
development/unreliable server, so it's up to the public servers to take
on those who want quality. i'm sure the old hardware it is running on
also has to do with the incredible slowness, although probably not the
s2s problems.

> This is why we need status.jabber.org

isn't this what zariok's JabberView.com is for? or do you mean something

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