[JDEV] Using Java Socket and JAXP1.1 DefaultHandler

John Bell johnbell at telus.net
Tue Oct 9 01:16:56 CDT 2001

I'm having a problem using the Java Socket object and the JAXP1.1 SAXParser DefaultHandler. To post all the code would make for a really long post so I'm hoping an explaination will be sufficient. I connect ok to jabber.org but it seems that my handler for the <stream:stream> element doesn't get processed by the parser until the end element is captured, i.e. by sending "</stream:stream>" to the server, making it impossible to capture the initialization success event (by processing the <stream:stream> starting element) and thus making it impossible to process an xml conversation. Has anyone one seen this or I am I doing something wrong along the way somewhere.

Thanks, John

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