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Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Tue Oct 9 11:17:30 CDT 2001

While there may be very little "demand" on the part of the programmer's side, it would 
be very nice to know which server this week would allow users to access the transports 
to other services. I would estimate that more than half the time the transports at 
Jabber.org are down (or at least the transports that are of interest to me, Yahoo, AIM 
and ICQ). I realize that some of this is due to incompatibilities between the transports 
and the services (aim and icq) or bugs in the transport (yahoo) but since not everyone is 
running at the same code revision for each of these transports, and some have worked, 
it would be nice to know which servers were acting properly and which are having 

Perhaps there should be an availability module for the server that can send a message 
to   your web server, or an administratively assigned client, that would validate that the 
transports needed are functioning and report on that. There are a couple of automated 
services out there that would allow you to validate that specific transports are 
functioning. For example there is a baseball player stats service that has hooks into AIM 
and I presume MSN. Possibly ICQ and Yahoo as well. Sending one of these services a 
"menu" IM is suposed to send back a menu of options for that service. However that 
does not confirm presense changes to that service.

At that point I agree that the cost in time and effort to maintain clients for each of the 
services to confirm that pressence changes are being passed back and forth cleanly 
gets out of hand.


John Draughn <jdraughn at kiorisoft.com> wrote:
>I've not taken the time to test individual transports and s2s by
>cross-sending messages via different servers and checking for reception
>of those same messages.
>You'd also have to have multiple 'probes' running off different networks
>to show that it wasn't "your" end not having visibility to the servers.
>It would not be an easy task to accomplish and I wonder if such an
>effort would be worth while to time invested.  ie. there's been VERY
>little demand for either.
>-John 'zariok' Draughn
>On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 20:14, Adam Theo wrote:
>> Julian Missig wrote:
>> > 
>> > Would someone mind telling me what the heck is up/down with jabber.org?
>> > When it is up, the s2s is HORRIBLE, and other times I just get
>> > connection refused or just get repeatedly disconnected.
>> yes, i agree. it is quite a roller coaster ride to be on, but then
>> jabber.org is not expected to be a stable, reliable server. it states
>> this everywhere. that's why i first set up my own server, and then
>> eventually made it public. jabber.org will continue to be a
>> development/unreliable server, so it's up to the public servers to take
>> on those who want quality. i'm sure the old hardware it is running on
>> also has to do with the incredible slowness, although probably not the
>> s2s problems.
>> > This is why we need status.jabber.org
>> isn't this what zariok's JabberView.com is for? or do you mean something
>> else?
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