[JDEV] RE: SSL Yet Again ( It Works!)

Vladimirr vlary at mailandnews.com
Wed Oct 10 07:30:48 CDT 2001

    Now it works!
I changed all *.c and *.h in my source
distribution of Jabber-1.41 with newer versions found in
download.jabber.org/cvs/jabber2, recompiled jabber
and now SSL works on my SCO OpenServer!
I don't tested it for stability yet, but connect is OK! 

 Original message from Chris Pile jdev at jabber.org 
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 09:21:08 +0100 

>Take a look at the description from my post:
>I think it covers all your questions.  I've only tried with FreeBSD
>Basically you need to check out the development server from the CVS as
>described at:
>The main changes relating to SSL support can be found in
>jabberd/mio_ssl.c and jabberd/mio.c.  You can do "cvs log mio_ssl.c" to
>see some comments by the author.
>I did update my system copy of pth, since pth isn't included in the
>Jabber2 CVS.  I used the FreeBSD ports/packages version, but I guess you
>can grab it from: http://www.gnu.org/software/pth/

Vladimirr wrote:
>     Hello!
> I am still not successfull installing
> Jabbber with SSL support on my SCO OpenServer.
> Now it is small hope to do this.
> What componets changed after 1.41 Release?
> Is Jabber2.tgz distribution on download.jabber.org/cvs OK for this?
> Must I renew other packages, like pth-1.3.7?

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