[JDEV] 0K Authentication

jer at email.jabber.org jer at email.jabber.org
Wed Oct 10 21:48:13 CDT 2001

Does the digest library your using distinguish between SHA and SHA1?  If so, that could be the problem, otherwise I don't know enough java to compare it to the C the server uses to generate it.  But if you can read C, here's the snippet:

    /* first, hash the pass */
    /* next, hash that and the token */
    /* we've got hash0, now make as many as the sequence is */
    for(i = 0; i < sequence; i++, shahash_r(hash,hash));

I know that gabber and winjab are supporting it, but if it's a problem in the spec I'd be happy to fix it, or if anyone has time to update the .sgml with better examples feel free.

On the reset/update, I published a new draft at http://core.jabber.org/white/zerokreg.sgml.html and implemented it in current CVS.  If it works out well, I'd like to combine all the zerok work and publish a JEP on it in the near future.


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