[JDEV] Yahoo Gateway 'Offline' without presence indication

Carlos carl.whitehead at paradise.net.nz
Thu Oct 11 15:58:09 CDT 2001

Is this a known problem ?

- We have a test Jabber Client sending messages via a Yahoo Gateway.
- We successfully send a number of messages
- We stop sending Yahoo messages for a reasonably long period of time (still
performing the connection 'KeepAlive' etc.)
- We attempt to send more messages via the Yahoo Gateway.

At this point we start receiving error messages code=407 msg="Yahoo! Server
doesn't think you are connected"

Our problem is we never received a 'presence' packet from the Yahoo Gateway
to indicate it had gone offline ?

How should we deal with this ? Are we supposed to periodically send
available 'presence' to the Gateway to keep it 'active' ?

Any help appreciated,


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