[JDEV] firewall config for ssl

Bruce Duncan brucedduncan at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 00:33:48 CDT 2001

here's part of my iptables script.  i can telnet to
the firewall machine from outside on port 5223 and get
connected.  This looks just like the bits i have for 
forwarding sendmail and pop3 requests in thru the
firewall to an internal machine...don't know why this
doesn't seem to work right.

#   IM forwarding
-j DNAT -p tcp -d $FIREWALL
_MACHINE --dport 5223 --to $IM_MACHINE:5223
#    IM allowances
# Allow SSL'd IM traffic to come in throught the
external interface and get
# forwarded to the internal interface if its bound for
the im machine
iptables -N IM
iptables -A IM -j ACCEPT

iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp  -m state --state NEW  -s  
0/0  -d   $IM_MACHINE --d
estination-port 5223  -j IM

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