[JDEV] HTTP proxy

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Tue Oct 16 08:44:29 CDT 2001

From: "Michal Leinweber" <M.Leinweber at sh.cvut.cz>
> Does anybody sucessfully used HTTP proxy in Jabber client ?
> I know 2 methods of using HTTP proxy for jabber client:
> 1) with method CONNECT - it works fine, but this method is not commonly
> on all proxies and often disabled.
> 2) with method PUT using jabber server 1.4.1 buildin hack for this.

We found this when building our IM client.

The PUT method documented assumes a persistent connection. Most HTTP Proxies
does not allow a persistent connection or block any request responses after
the first. The method actually works if you can get a persistent HTTP

MSN and Yahoo messengers support HTTP proxies and the way they do this is by
polling every few seconds using a cookie or session request identifier. Yes,
I know this is a horrible way, but try explaining that end-users who are
behind an HTTP proxy.

I don't know what the Jabber folks think of supporting this kind of polling,
but they need to do this if they want to compete with MSN and Yahoo IM


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