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Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 04:00:35 CDT 2001

Have you tried the latest IRC transport from CVS?  This was updated
recently (02/09/2001) and is now version "irc-transport,0.1.2-1.40".

Also from: http://www.jabber.org/?oid=465
"I'm looking for a new maintainer for IRC-Transport btw...  I despise
the IRC protocol, and have lost interest, since the time that jabber
discussions moved away from IRC, and into Jabber Groupchat."  Keith
Minkler (TSBandit)

I can't find the post in the jdev archive but here is a message from my



I've made some modifications to the IRC-transport in order to make it
work with the new conferencing protocol (http://jabber.org/?oid=1630,
to my knowledge, that's the last version). I've also added support for
jabber:iq:browse namespace. I've also corrected some bugs and added
some features. 
The problem is that it needs a server and a client that support this new
conferencing protocol. The current jcf implementation makes it
possible to use the irc-transport (I use it to access our local irc
server and it works fine). For the client side, that's more
problematic. I've made some hacks in gabber and I can now browse the
conference services, enter or create a room, ... but I'm not familiar
with gabber (and with GUI development in general) so I'm not sure it
worths being integrated in it ... 
Anyway, I gonna clean the code I've written, add some notes about what
I've done in the module and put it the contrib zone tomorrow or



> > Last I heard, the IRC-t was broke and no one was working on it.
> yes, true. it seems TSBandit has gone MIA, and is no longer working on
> the IRC-T. If no-one steps up to pick it up soon, I will, using my
> Ransom model to support hiring a programmer to do it (
> http://www.theoretic.com/ransom/ ). Then everyone can be assured of a
> working, fast, stable IRC-T soon.

Benoit Orihuela         
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