[JDEV] About IRC Transport

David Sutton dsutton at legend.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 06:38:35 CDT 2001


  I've also been looking at the transport, and found a different bug or
two, although its mainly a problem with the implementation. On line 744,
where we are trying to get a hash of users for a channel, the character
'=' is used to find the part of the line which has the channel name in
it. The problem is that i've seen that it can also be a '@', which will
cause it to fail. The fix I implemented works as follows:

 /* :me 353 mynick = #channel :@me +you them */
 char *ptr;
+char *delimit = "@ ";
 chans channel;
 ptr = strchr(icpr->next, '=');
 if(ptr == NULL)
+    ptr = strstr(icpr->next, delimit);
+    if(ptr == NULL)
+    {
+        continue;
+    }

I had to use "@ " as using the @ by itself would mean it could match
op'ed users.

I know that Benoit has done some excellent work on the transport so far
and I would like to offer my help and services.



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