[JDEV] About IRC Transport

David Sutton dsutton at legend.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 07:40:00 CDT 2001

Thanks for that. I had wondered if there was any others as I couldn't
see it when I was looking for the irc specs. It should be easy to

  The only problem I have is that with the new code in contrib, it keeps
complaining with error 407: claiming I need to register, but there isn't
anyway visible to register.


On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 11:32, Malli, Siva_Kumar wrote:
> 	I didn't look into the code, but i am trying to help. When you issue
> a /join command from the client and its succesful or when you issue a /names
> command you will get a reply from the server with numeric code 353 which has
> the channel name and all the names in that channel. The channel name can be
> prefixed by "="/"*"/"@". '=' is to represent that the channel is a public
> channel, @ for secret channels and * for private channels. So you must also
> look for '*' from your code apart from'=' and '@'.
> Thanks,
> Siva.

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