[JDEV] About IRC Transport

Malli, Siva_Kumar Siva-Kumar-Malli at deshaw.com
Thu Oct 18 06:21:09 CDT 2001

	I think you get the 407 error from your Jabber client. I use WinJab
and it provides an interface to register a user. But i get a 501 "Server
Errror! - Not implemented". 

The detials of the error is "Jabber code 501 is used when the server does
not support the functionality being requested by a Jabber client. For
example, this code is sent only when a Jabber client sends an authentication
request that does not contain the elements defined by at least one of the
authentication methods defined in the server configuration. This code is
also used only when a Jabber client attempts to register with a Jabber
server that does not allow registration."

	I know this will happen because I have no clue of how to configure
the IRC transport to find out where to look for the IRC Server. 


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> Thanks for that. I had wondered if there was any others as I couldn't
> see it when I was looking for the irc specs. It should be easy to
> implement. 
> The only problem I have is that with the new code in contrib, it keeps
> complaining with error 407: claiming I need to register, but there isn't
> anyway visible to register.
> David
> On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 11:32, Malli, Siva_Kumar wrote:
> > I didn't look into the code, but i am trying to help. When you issue
> > a /join command from the client and its succesful or when you issue a
> > command you will get a reply from the server with numeric code 353 which
> > the channel name and all the names in that channel. The channel name can
> > prefixed by "="/"*"/"@". '=' is to represent that the channel is a
> > channel, @ for secret channels and * for private channels. So you must
> > look for '*' from your code apart from'=' and '@' <mailto:'@'>.
> > Thanks,
> > Siva.
> > 
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