[JDEV] About IRC Transport

Benoit Orihuela borihuela at idealx.com
Thu Oct 18 08:09:04 CDT 2001

> Ok, i've attached the relevant part of the debug log. All I have done is
> tried to start a groupchat under WinJab (by pressing F7). The conference
> is #worms, and the conference server is irc.localhost. Default irc
> server is merlin.legend.org.uk, but i've tried both including it in the
> channel request and when having not requested it.

> Thu Oct 18 12:52:31 2001  mio.c:698 MIO read from socket 7: <iq
> type='get' id='JCOM_24' to='#worms at irc.localhost'
> from='peregrine at reflex.sys.legend.net.uk/Work'><query
> xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'/></iq>
yep, you send an <iq ...><query xmlns=...>
whereas irc-t waits for an <iq ...><enter xmlns=...>
query requests are only possible when you are already logged in. and
they are used, for instance, to change nicknames.

For requests examples, you can look at trames_test_irc_localhost.xml
in irc-t module.

For the implementation of conference namespace, I've followed the
conferencing draft which is located at : http://jabber.org?oid=1630.
I hope it is the most up-to-date ...



Benoit Orihuela		

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