[JDEV] JabberApplet supports 1.4 groupchat

Albert Gallego agallego at qwest.net
Wed Oct 17 14:14:09 CDT 2001

I could be wrong but I would guess that your disconnect problem isn't
simply the applet, but it is due to the unescaped unicode characters in
the xml, and the server disconnects you.  For a solution you might try
taking a look at how you are supposed to handle unicode in xml, I knew
at one point but forgot :(   If you change the applet to handle the
unicode then the server won't disconnect you.
Hope that helps
Albert Gallego
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Nothing has changed concerning unicode and unfortunately I haven't had
time to investigate it.

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    Does the new version of jabberapplet support unicode? I have
problems with jabberapplet because I use accents and I get disconnected
with an xml tag error from the server.
If you know how but didn't have the time to implement it, 
I could do it with some hint on how ..
David Rainville
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From: David  <mailto:dscottzzz at yahoo.com> Scott 
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Subject: [JDEV] JabberApplet supports 1.4 groupchat

There is an updated applet that supports groupchat at
I intend to update the source and a new jar file after a bug
fixing/testing period.
Since development of the applet is no longer supported by jabber.com
I'll have the opportunity (as time permits) to make modifications
without having the .com influence.  Since my goal has always been to
keep it small and easy to use 
most of the time this means taking features out (such as the record
button in the chat window).  However if there's something like groupchat
type=chat messages that you think are a must have, let me know and I'll
see what can be done.
PS: I've been away from Jabberville for a few months, if groupchat is
now called conferencing or something else, I apologize.

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