[JDEV] About IRC Transport

Benoit Orihuela borihuela at idealx.com
Fri Oct 19 07:40:17 CDT 2001

> <iq type='get' to='#lobby at irc.getpaq.com'>
>     <enter xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'/>
> </iq>
> message to the server. But there was no reply from the server. There was no
> error at the server side also. After that without waiting for the response i
> sent
> <iq type='set' to='#lobby at irc.getpaq.com'><enter
> xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'><nickname>Sivakuma</nickname></enter></iq>
> to the server but now it gave
> <iq type='error' to='siva at getpaq.com/Home'
> from='#lobby at irc.getpaq.com'><enter
> xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'><nickname>Sivakuma</nickname></enter><error
> code='404'>Not Found</error></iq>

hmmm, normally, you receive 404 errors when trying to enter a channel
that does not exist. but you receive such errors when you send the iq
type=get packet, not when sending the iq type=set packet.

but, sometimes, it takes a long time to establish a connection with an
IRC server. maybe, you sent the iq type=set before irc-t could verify
if the channel exists or not and the 404 packet you receive is the
response to your first request (you can add ids to the iq packets, to
check what request it is responding to)



PS : if you want further investigation about your pb, you can send me
the jabber logs ...

Benoit Orihuela		

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