[JDEV] Combining JUD and xdb_sql

Miguel A.L. Paraz map at internet.org.ph
Fri Oct 19 08:25:05 CDT 2001

I already have xdb_sql running for what it can do as shipped.
I would like to extend it to support JUD and put JUD in a MySQL database.

According to the xdb_sql docs, the dtd="2" method allows you to support 
arbitrary queries.  I started to do this for JUD searches:

<querydef name="users-get" dtd="2" type="get" namespace="jabber:jud:users">

  <text>SELECT name, first, last, nick, email FROM jud_users WHERE .. </select>

When I realized that for a JUD search, the WHERE clause would depend on the
different fields given.  Using Gabber for testing, I found that entries
match if all the given fiels match whether partially or completely.

Thus, is it possible to do use this dtd="2" method, or would it require
C code added to xdb_sql?  I suspect the latter, so I appreciate any ideas
on how this should be written.

Thanks in advance!

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