[JDEV] Setting up jogger

David Rainville drainville at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 23 15:53:34 CDT 2001

Hi guyz, I just installed the required modules for jogger and all but now
i'm facing a problem. What do I do next? I did all what the documentation
said in the jogger README file but now i'm stuck. I searched on jabbersearch
and found out that I should set up a service for jogger in the server's
jabber.xml? Is that right?
I know I configured the config.xml which jogger needs but I didn't hear any
instructions in the README file about inserting something in the jabber
server so I don't know if I should do that.. anyways.. if something is
missing please give me some hints.. thanks.

When I try to run jogger, it gives me this error :

jogger: [ERROR]      : Unable to connect to Jabber server ( ...
jogger:                (Connection refused)

and my config.xml is :


Is there something i'm misgging? thanks!

David Rainville

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